I have recruited and supervised numerous graduate students, successfully leading them towards sound careers. Many of my students have become co-authors, and presented their works at international conferences. I have also successfully supervised visiting PhD students, which led to fruitful partnerships. In addition, three major achievements highlight that I can become a leading name in the field. First, I have successfully obtained numerous grants and awards, totalling over $3,300,000. I was the project leader or played a leading role in most of these grants. I believe that being successful at obtaining funds is a requirement for any leading scholar, and I have shown to have the ability to obtain grants and awards in the past.

Second, I have led a team that made a Declaration of Invention at HEC Montréal. Registering a patent and declaring and invention is very rare in business schools. After declaring the invention, I have successfully led a team of professors and students to partner with companies in the private sector. In the past, we have signed partnerships with Marketing Agencies in Brazil and Canada. Currently, we have partnerships under negotiation with other companies. As these partnerships flourish, I will have access to exclusive data, which will improve the contribution of my research and lead to more impactful papers and publication.

Third, I have worked extensively as an external reviewer. I have reviewed over 50 papers in numerous journals, most notably the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Business Ethics, California Management Review, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Association for Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management and European Journal of Marketing. I have also worked as an Associate Editor at the Revista Administracao de Empresas since 2018.

Finally, I am one of the co-founders of the GRCC (Groupe de Recherche sur le Comportement du Consommateur; Consumer Behavior Research Group). This group is focused on research on consumer behavior and has great synergies with my research. The objectives of this group are to: increase research productivity among GRCC affiliated researchers; respond to recent demands for behavioral research in the field; enhanced credibility of research findings; employ more creative and innovative experimental designs; train graduate students in designing and running lab experiments; and increase collaboration among GRCC affiliates.